Quality Management System

  Quality Management System; Ondokuz Mayis University is a software that utilizes resources effectively, adopts the philosophy of continuous improvement, evaluates all independent units in a holistic system, and is designed in accordance with a quality management mentality that includes stakeholders in the system. This software, which we call "Kalem", is aimed at evaluating the risks of the institution, adaptation of the improvements and training-education and research activities and administrative service processes.

  This software, which is being developed by Ondokuz Mayıs University Computer Research Application and Research Center (BAUM), aims to increase awareness and quality assurance practices in Quality Culture in Higher Education which is one of the main tasks of Higher Education Quality Board. As part of the widespread use of quality cultures, each unit within the university will contribute to the system through quality embassies. In this regard, the resources will be taken from the source most accurately and the interaction between the units and the university senior management will be increased. It is expected that the system being developed by the Directorate of Strategy and Budget with reference to the "Guidelines for the Preparation of Strategic Plan for Universities - 2018" will facilitate the process of preparing strategic plans for our university and other universities.